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Staying smokefree with Champix

With the help of your doctor and Champix, try to commit to never smoking a single puff again. To help you stay on the smokefree path, we recommend you get support from ‘My Time To Quit’, Quitline or other similar services.


WHY one cigarette

Can start you smoking again.

My Time To Quit

The free online support programme My Time To Quit is available for all people using Champix. The programme lasts for 24 weeks, so you’ll get ongoing support while new habits are settling in.

When you register for the My Time To Quit Programme, you’ll get a personalised quit plan that includes email and text message support, interesting articles and helpful tools, such as savings calculators, photo walls and goal tracking.


tips to help you quit

How to stay smokefree.

Other support to help you stay quit

There are good tools to help you quit for good. So you can find one that’s right for you.

Trying again with Champix

Quitting smoking is hard and some smokers may require a number of attempts to quit for good. You may be entitled to another fully-funded course of Champix, speak to your doctor to find out if you may qualify.

Staying smokefree with Champix